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Terry Christie
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Wayne Birdges turned Professional Wrestling since 1964 and trained by The late Mike Marino also he is The Great Wrestler & Wonderful Sportsmanship.

At The End of 1981 when Wayne take on Pete Roberts at Lemington Spa when Wayne lost his temper and punched Pete and referee Jeff Kaye sent him back into the dressing room.

A Year later in January 1982 at The Reg Maxwell Hall in Aylesbury when Pete Roberts against Wayne Bridges when referee The late Max Ward told the boys to keeping the rules and round four when Pete pinned Wayne on the floor when he won over him and Wayne got out of The Ring by Telling The late Kent Walton saying he wants to crack at The World Heavyweight Title at The Royal Albert Hall in London and in the end with the infamous feud are over.

Wayne tagged with Rollerball Rocco against Kendo Nagasaki & Shane Stevens at The Dewsbury Town Hall in Yorkshire on ITV Sport in May 1988 is The Great Wrestling Bout with Referee Mal Mason & The MC is Lee Bamber are great.

Wayne Bridges is The Great Professional Wrestler icon and he is The Doing a wonderful job at The Bridges Public House in Kent for The British Wrestlers Reunion on Sunday August 10th 2014.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear.

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Ken Sowden
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There is a great write up on Wayne Bridges career in the Hall of Fame which he was inducted into last year and rightly so. 

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tommy stevenson
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Hi Wyne  I was thinking of coming to the reunion on the 10 th aug it will be my first time could you let me know where it is held .i have been a few times to the Leeds reunion .my name is Tommy Stevenson. From The Scottish Borders .went under the name of Scot Thomson worked for Dale Storm of Spartan Promotions .

regards Tommy 


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Ken Sowden
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Hello Tommy and thank you for your message.  The Reunion is held at The Bridges Public House, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent, DA4 9AX.  We would very much like it if you could attend next Sunday and if you do please make sure you make yourself known to either Frank Rimer or Ken Sowden on arrival, we are sure you will have an enjoyable day. 

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John Shelvey
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I would like to say a big thank you to Wayne and his lovely wife Sarah for making me so welcome when I 'popped' in for a too quick a chat a few weeks ago. After my first brief visit Sarah very kindly let hubby know I had come calling and after travelling to and returning from Turkey I had a very small window of opportunity to visit once more. On 'phoning Wayne he generously dropped what he was doing at met me at his pub. I thoroughly enjoyed the eighty minutes spent in the ex-champs company and I just wished I had had more time as I left without asking a few pertinent questions such as 'who did you enjoy wrestling and conversly who didn't you enjoy wrestling'. Well, maybe next time I'm over from Down Under. Wayne, Paula, thank you once more!!

Cheers, John.

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