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Hi there. Hope this is ok to pst on here.

I have grown up with wrestling in my life but it's really not my passion it was more my mum. She passed away just over 2 years ago now and was sorting some boxes the weekend and found her autograph book full of entries from wrestlers from the 60's era.

There are 104 entries inside on the classic style coloured pages all signatures are in biro and in very good condition. Names include:

Les Kellet

Paul Vachon

Billy Two Rivers

Peter Maivia

Steve Logan

Jackie Pallo

The zebra Kid.

The list goes on. Now I dont want to put this into a sports memorobilia aution only to be lost in the masses when I'm sure this would make a lovely addition to a collector.

Really looking for advice on what to do so please feel free to email or call me.


Admin..hope this post is ok Thank you

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