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Mark Silvester
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Hi, all,


just joined, What a great site.


My favourite era of the great "grapplin" game - was late 60's to mid 80's.


The greatest British wrestlers - I dont think we will see there likes again. Bloody grafters and went far too much unappreciated by the media in this country.


Do any of the wrestlers I used to follow post on here?


So, many I used to see in Cleethorpes on the Pier on a Sunday Night!


Jimmy Breaks; Kendo!; Rollerball; Marty Jones; Sammy Lee - whatever happened to him?; Alan Denison; Catweasel - from Doncaster; Wayne Bridges; Les Kellett; Mick Mc Manus; the list goes on!


Do any of the old brigade above go to the reunions? Can the public go?


Anyway - take care you guys!




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