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The wrestling world has lost yet another giant star in the form of 80's gladiator: ANACONDA  a giant  bearded, tattooed  heavyweight who appeared on TV's World of Sport against the late BIG DADDY in a tag where he partnered RASPUTIN  against the popular big man and PAT PATTON just before the demise of televised wrestling. Outside the ring, he was a  genial man with the real name Alan Taylor, and worked the Northern circuits for over 30 years , starting his illustrious career with Max Crabtree at 313 Brixton Road , Brixton at Dale-Martins old Headquarters.

He continued to support wrestling after his retirement from the ring, and would follow the latest news on both our site the Wrestling Heritage and wrestling Furnace site.

Sadly despite a valiant battle again st cancer , he succumbed to the disease in September this year.

Wrestling Heritage reports a conversation with the late great  Anaconda :-

"WOW it was like a dream come true,after a lot of training I was given my first bout," Alan told Wrestling Heritage. Alan turned professional in 1979, initially using the name SEAMAN TOMMY WATTS From the very start he was matched with  other newcomers such as the Wilson brothers and more established stars like JOHNNY ELIJAH.  Within a matter of weeks MAX CRABTREE had re-launched his new find as ANACONDA with opponents including  WAYNE BRIDGES, TONY ST CLAIR and STEVE VEIDOR The name Anaconda remained with Alan for the rest of his career, working around the world, telling us , "I had a great time; the time of my life meeting wrestlers from the different places that I went to.  It was fantastic. One of the highlights was some times my dad (R.I.P.) came with me.  He was like a big kid because he was a hard man it was fantastic watching him and his face."  Anaconda enjoyed enormously this Wrestling Heritage site, but sadly passed away in September 2012.


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