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ALF CADMAN dies at 87

We are truly sad to announce that ALF CADMAN  the last surviving member of a wrestling dynasty has died quietly at the grand old age of 87 from natural causes.  He and brother KEN CADMAN caused mayhem around the wrestling rings of Europe during the great days of the 60's and 70's ,not to mention their notorietry as awesome shoot  ( submission) wrestlers at the Wigan based Snakepit. Here, they ranked up there amongst BILLY JOYCE, JACK DEMPSEY, BERNARD MURRAY  and the great RILEY 
Family   consisting of Billy and Ernie.

Alf was a devoted Family man who loved the Countryside and animals with a passion, originating from the wrestling mecca of Bolton, he had two children : STEPHEN and LORRAINE.

( Masambula and Alf Cadman)

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