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Al Saunders  -  'All In' Light Heavyweight Champion

(The Poster for the famous Championship Match)


Al Saunders was billed from America, London, Birmingham, St Georges, Wood Green, Algate, etc, etc......He was also billed as the Jewish champion, and wrestled all the top men like Babe Quesick, Franz Muni, Cab Cashford, Eddie Humphries, Fritz Shultzs, Eddie Fisher, Ronnie Marshall, Henrie Stack, Red Jakes, Philo Vance, Savas Papageorgiou, Bill English, Bob Gardiner, Charlie Fisher, Harry Pye, Jack Owens, Ttrevor Rees, Jack Atherton, Jim Maloney, Ben Cohen, White Hawk, Alberto Tunesi, Tom Whalley, Tom Rigby, Jose Ketos, Hassan the Assain, Christolis Ecrotocritou, Stan Stone, George De Relwyskow Jnr, Young Londos, Jim Ring, Sonny Wallace, Tug Wilson,

In July 1935 he fought Johannesan for the "All-In" Light-Heavy-weight championship of the world at Rotherham Stadium, using the foreign name of "Pedro Silvain".

I have enclosed the actual bill of the famous match.


Thanks to Mike Hallinan for this article 

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