British Wrestlers Reunion
Strengthening the Ring of Friendship


Julia Prayter passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of female wrestling star Julia Prayter,

Julia will be much missed and we send our condolences to her family and friends at this sad time. 

Julia has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and will be remembered with all those others who have passed away over the last 12 months at this years Reunion. 

Long time wrestling fan and friend of the Reunion passes away from Coronavirus 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to announce that long term wrestling fan and friend Rabbi Neil Kraft passed away on the 26th March, a victim of the Coronavirus.

Neil, who was 69 attended many wrestling events with his son Oscar and is seen here with LDN Promoter Sanjay Bagga.

Neil was well known by many of the wrestlers around the UK and loved nothing more than attending wrestling shows in and around his hometown. He flew to America and officiated at the wedding of former champion Tex Benedict, 

We send our sincere condolences to Neils family and friends at this sad time.

Please keep safe and healthy and follow guidelines so that we are able to beat this pandemic and get back to normality as soon as possible. 

British Wrestling DVDs return for a short time only

As you know British Wrestling DVDs permanently closed at the end of January and that was something its owner Carl Stewart hadn't planned to go back on. However, with him being currently unable to work in his career as a hypnotherapist he needs to make ends meet.,

As a result of this he will once again be offering MP4 downloads of all the titles on the website via Google Drive, for the foreseeable future. These will be priced at £1.50 each.

British Wrestling DVDs will no longer be selling footage on DVD but will still be offering footage on hard drives in addition to the aforementioned downloads.

Please just let Carl know if you would like to place any download or hard drive orders and he will be happy to help.

Full details of bouts available can be found on their website:

Look after yourselves during these tough times 

As the Coronavirus continues to take hold around the World the British Wrestlers Reunion hope that wrestlers, fans and all of our supporters remain healthy and stay safe. 

With many of us now in lockdown or unable to live our normal life our thoughts and prayers go to those who have lost loved ones or who are suffering from this awful pandemic. 

We can only hope that by following guidelines we can eradicate the Coronavirus as soon as possible and get back to normality.

Please look after yourselves and your family and friends during these very tough times for us all.

Update on Wayne Bridges funeral 

Following on from the sad passing of Wayne Bridges the British Wrestlers Reunion continue to receive enquiries relating to his funeral.

Due to the Coronavirus you will appreciate that everything around the UK has been put on hold. Therefore, Bills funeral date has not yet been confirmed and as limits have been put on any sort of gathering the funeral may have to be family only if restrictions are not lifted during the next month or so. 

Obviously we all wish to pay our respects to Bill and if we are unable to do this at his funeral then we will do so at the Reunion in August. 

We will of course keep you all updated as and when any further news is available.

Changes made to Joey Scarlos funeral due to Coronavirus 

The British Wrestlers Reunion have been asked to advise everyone that changes have been made to the funeral of the late Joey Scarlo which is due to take place on Friday 27th March.

Initially, the Scarlo family had stated that all were welcome to attend the funeral to pay their respects to Joey. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus they have now been limited to 30 mourners only and therefore the funeral will now be family only.

The Scarlo family have expressed their sorrow that Joeys friends and colleagues will not be able to attend his funeral but this is beyond their control and they hope everyone will understand the decision that has been made.

Blackpool Reunion postponed....Kent and Ayr to go ahead for now at least. 

As the Coronavirus continues to take hold around the World we are seeing events cancelled, people told to self isolate and with no end in sight these are very uncertain times for all of us.

We, along with everyone else, must ensure that the health of the wrestlers and fans who attend the Reunion are our main priority.  This goes for other Reunions as well and in view of this and the current situation the following statement has been made by the Blackpool Reunion:-

The Committee of the Blackpool Wrestlers' Reunion have been closely monitoring the situation of the Covid-19 virus and the resulting travel restrictions. After careful consideration we have decided to postpone the five year anniversary Wrestlers Reunion, originally scheduled in May, until further notice.

We are deeply grateful for the patience and support of all our guests. We will share updates immediately when we have further details. We look forward to welcoming you.

We here at the British Wrestlers Reunion fully support the decision made by Blackpool and hope that they are able to hold their event later on in the year.

In relation to our own Reunion on the 9th August in Kent and the Scottish Reunion due to be held in Ayr on the 13th September these are still scheduled to take place as planned.  However, both Reunions will follow the guidelines as laid out by the Government and so these may be cancelled or rescheduled at a later date. 

Basil 'Romany' Riley in hospital 

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Basil 'Romany' Riley'who is seen here with the St Clair brothers at the Reunion. 

Basil is currently recovering in St Thomas Hospital after being seriously ill which at one point saw him placed onto a life support machine. 

Thankfully Basil won the battle and is now recovering.

We wish Basil and his family all the very best and hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

(Basil seen here with fellow legend Steve Viedor)

Reunion future announced

Over the last few days we have received a number of emails and telephone calls from wrestlers and fans asking about not only this years Reunion but the future of the Reunion following on from the sad passing of Wayne Bridges on the 8th March.  In response to all queries and to clarify the matter we can now advise as follows:-

It was the express wish of Wayne Bridges that the Reunion continue for as many years as possible and therefore as a result of this the Reunion due to be held on Sunday 9th August will go ahead as planned and future Reunions will continue to be held on the second Sunday of August for the foreseeable future.   This has the full backing of Sarah Bridges and the Reunion will continue to take place at The Bridges this year as it has been for the last 24 years.

This years Reunion will be held in tribute and in memory of Wayne Bridges and we invite wrestlers and fans from around the World to join us to remember the life of not only a great champion in the ring but a man who for 25 years ensured that the Reunion thrived and that its popularity never dwindled.

Whilst we are committed to this years Reunion taking place we are also mindful of the effect that the Coronavirus is having on events across the UK and indeed the World and of course we will monitor this situation over the coming months.

All being well we look forward to seeing everyone on the 9th August for another memorable occasion and we thank you all for your continued support.  

Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog inducted into WWE Hall of Fame 2020

The British Wrestlers Reunion are delighted to hear the news that Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog will finally be inducted into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame.

As many will know an online Petition was started in 2013 to get Davey Boy Smith inducted and over 26,000 signed the Petition. The Daily Star newspaper also petitioned the WWE over the last few years and finally all the hard work has paid off.

Davey Boy will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on the 2nd April 2020 from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, as part of WrestleMania 36 week. He will join Batista, nWo members Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman, The Bella Twins and JBL in the Class of 2020.

A great honour for Davey Boys family and for British wrestling as a whole and one that is long overdue.

(Davey Boy Smith or Young David as he was known as back in 1979 graces the cover of a Dale Martin Programme)

A thank you from the Bridges and the Reunion

We would on behalf of Sarah Bridges, the Bridges family and the British Wrestlers Reunion like to thank everyone for their kind words and tributes following the very sad passing of Wayne Bridges on the 8th March.

We have received literally 100s of messages of condolence and support from wrestlers and fans from all around the World and these are very comforting to everyone at this very sad time. 

We have been asked by many people wishing to know about funeral arrangements so that they can attend and pay their respects to Bill and as soon as a date has been confirmed we will let everyone know. 

Thank you once again, it means an awful lot.

Remembering Wayne Bridges.....a tribute to a great man 

Born in the roughest part of Islington, London on July 5th, it was on the cards that WAYNE BRIDGES would end up on the wrong side of the fence, but his obvious love of sport managed to keep him out of the long arms of the law. Bills Father sadly died when he was just 3 years old, leaving him to act as Dad to his younger Sister Esther , plus becoming the breadwinner for his Widowed Mother at an early age. He was an unruly child who hated school, rarely attending his lessons and preferring to run with the local pack, getting into all sorts of mischief, with would be gangsters such as the infamous Naish Brothers with whom he grew up. On one occasion, he set light to the back door of his home for a prank.


However by 9 years old, he was introduced to swimming at the local Hornsey Road Baths where he took everyone by surprise at his prowess in the water. Soon, he was winning competitions and eventually beat everyone in his class. His ability at the crawl was awesome and he became like a fish in the water. By the time that he was in his teens, the young Woodbridge had been chosen to represent his Country many times, culminating by being chosen to swim for the British Team at the Rome Olympics in 1962. Here he was beaten by the Legendary IAN BLACK , during the 100 metres crawl and also his friend and rival DICK CAMPIAN.

Simultaneously, away from the pool, Bill was becoming increasingly interested in Amateur wrestling and having grown into a strapping 6ft 2 inch giant with a Tarzan type body to match, was a natural to do well at this sport also. He regularly trained at the United, the Ashdown, The Loughborough, The YMCA in Edgeware Road, and Police training headquarters at Hendon, with great Champions such as DENNIS MCNAMARA,DON IRVINE,BILL MOSTYN, GEORGE COLEMAN, DENNIS GARVEY, FRANK WARREN and TONY BUCK who has remained a friend to this day. Simultaneously, he honed his great physique at the London gym's in the celebrated company of ARNOLD SWARZENEGGER  when he lived here. Title followed Title as the almost invincible grappler with the immense strength tore his way through the top Division, until yet again he was chosen to represent his Country at International level, where he fought for Great Britain over 15 times, travelling to France, Germany and many other Overseas Tournaments, his meteoric rise to fame being assisted by JIMMY BROWN and TERRY BLACKWALL It was at one of these contests at the United Club, that the immortal Legends : MIKE MARINO and JOE CORNELIUS happened to frequent and were immediately struck by the sheer physical presence of this super youngster. They invited him to attend a Professional Show where they were working and Bill became immediately drawn to this new form of wrestling. There followed some training by his hero : MIKE MARINO in the different styles and his amateur days were soon forgotten, when the late great PAUL LINCOLN offered him a job , having his inaugural bout against the same MIKE MARINO, re christened now by Lincoln as WAYNE BRIDGES, the Legend began

Meanwhile, PAUL LINCOLNs Business Empire was in full demand, with the CROMWELLIAN Night Club, 2Is Coffee Bar , Booze cruises and other outlets were flourishing, giving WAYNE BRIDGES a new role as minder and chief Security Officer of the many pop stars who were booked such as SIR TOM JONES, P.J. PROBY and many more. This success, gave him the opportunity to reward his Mothers devotion to his upbringing and he managed to buy the four story house where she had a flat , followed by the house next door., so that she might live in comfort. Erstwhile pop stars like SIR CLIFF RICHARD, HANK MARVIN and THE SHADOWS, MARTY WILDE, JOE BROWN ,BILLY FURY,LONNIE DONNEGAN ,TOMMY STEELE, etc., were all working for Lincoln, erecting the rings in exchange for a spot singing at the 2 is and Bridges cashed in by letting out spare rooms to these would be stars. He soon graduated into pub life by buying his first pub called The Cock? in Deptford, retaining ownership of all three to this day and with the houses being let to the Japanese Embasssy.

Over the next few years, his rise to the top billing spot was phenomenal, working with grapplers that were to become lifelong friends such as JUDO AL HAYES, BOB KIRKWOOD, DON STEADMAN, REBEL RAY HUNTER ,BOB ANTHONY, ZOLTAN BOSCHIK, PAUL LINCOLN ( DOCTOR DEATH), JON CORTEZ,DENNIS DEAN , etc.,and when DALE-MARTINS bought out Lincolns promotions in the mid 60s. he was integrated into the main stream of wrestling in a way that was unprecedented. Once Established and with many TV appearances under his belt the Beau Brummel of wrestling as he was often called, because of his insistence that the wrestling socks were always even , commenced many Foreign Tours, especially into Europe, Japan, Africa, Canada and the USA where his charismatic charm , physique and good looks made him a firm favourite on the circuits. Shoot Legends such as KARL GOTCH and GEORGES GORDIENKO not known for their generosity towards opponents took the youngster under their wing, teaching him many new manoeuvres while on Tour, working for the WWE . Such was his popularity , that the original VINCE McMAHON Snr., invited him to lodge at his home in Connecticutt.

Finally, after many minor titles, WAYNE BRIDGES was given the opportunity to wrestle for the belt and a new Heavyweight Champion of the World was crowned. During his reign as Champion, there were many attempts to lift the strap, with the Title changing back and forwards three times, but his bouts against KENDO NAGASAKI and the great MIGHTY JOHN QUINN were the most legendary and ironically despite the ferocity within the ring, the two have remained friends to this day. 

Wayne Bridges was born a gifted athlete and was one of those infuriating people that excels in everything. Standing tall at 6ft plus, dark hair, good looks, a physique to die for, he was destined to become the global super star that he was to become. Everyone who has ever known him, is drawn to his quiet modest charm, and he can number many former opponents as his closest allies. Men such as STEVE VEIDOR, PRINCE KUMALI, JOE CORNELIUS, COLIN JOYNSON ,GORI ED MANGOTITCH,JUDO PETE ROBERTS and dearest pal the late BOMBER PAT ROACH.

He has helped many colleagues into Business ventures of their own and rarely does anyone say anything detrimental about this immensely popular character known as Big Winnie or 'Waynetta', a joke that he absolutely loves in his self deprecating way,  modestly referring to his own work in the ring as Lacklustre, which was a phrase used by KENT WALTON during one TV broadcast.

He also played regular soccer for the wrestlers team to raise monies for charity and appeared many times in public to generate funds for spina bifida and other worthy causes with others wrestlers such as TONY 'BANGER' WALSH, BILL BROMLEY, IAN MUIR, SID COOPER, ROBBY BARON, DAVE 'BUTCHER' BOND, JOHNNY KINCAID, MAL SANDERS, LENNIE HURSTand more.

Simultaneously, his athletic frame was in constant demand on movies and TV shows , where he body doubled for old friend SEAN CONNERY in all his JAMES BOND films, plus numerous roles in other productions and TV favourites such as THE GENERATION GAME  with SIR BRUCE FORSYTH, and THIS IS YOUR LIFE etc.. 

Away from the ring, he continued swimming and training on the weights , plus a love of horses and never more than when he was living in the States, where he roamed freely across the cowboy lands on horseback.

Family life was also good for Wayne with his then wife Sheila and two children Dean and Jo Anne.   Dean grew up wanting nothing more than to follow in his fathers footsteps turning Professional as soon as his age permitted. His height, and youthful good looks reminiscent of his Dad. He took the name DEAN BRISCO and was soon emulating the success of his world famous Father, taking on all the star names of the day, even appearing on TV against the Bear man : JOHN ELIJAH. Dean often could be seen in the corner for Waynes title defences, and the two appeared together many times as they travelled the same circuits. Everything seemed perfect until the boy became ill when he was just 24 years old, contracting Leukaemia which ravaged his body. He fought the disease with immense courage, but lost the fight in January 1986. He had just turned 25 years old! To make matters worse, the lad had recently settled down with his girlfriend and they were expecting their first child who was to be christened DANIEL but who Dean would never see. The Family were devastated and none more so than Wayne himself.


By the early 90s, he owned and ran a large public House called The Prince of Orange in Greenwich. It was here that he eventually met and fell in love with SARAH BRIDGES, who was working as a barmaid. Around this time, he took on the hosting of the British Wrestlers Reunion after his pal JOE CORNELIUS, emigrated to Cyprus in 1993, a role that he has played ever since.

Sarah meanwhile, started to visit a local gym and took an increasing interest in body-building with Bill eventually becoming her mentor. Her success in that field has been outstanding, winning the Miss Great Britain Title and then conquering the world as the largest woman bodybuilder on the planet, numbering legends like  Mr. Universe: LOU FERRIGNO ( Incredible Hilk) and  6 times Mr Olympia :DORIAN YATES as her friends. 

The couple decided to settle in Kent and sold the Orange to buy a beautiful bungalow and a nearby pub in Horton Kirby, South Darenth, which they renamed The Bridges.

Of course, weight-training has never been far away from Bills own life, in order to maintain his enormous physique, and he trained daily in the gym, followed by over 40 lengths of the local pool twice weekly , where he still cuts a dash against the youngsters.

Wrestling for so many years and against the giants of the ring, took its toll on his body however and a few years ago, Bridges underwent serious spinal surgery in a double  operation, each  taking 7 hours, but the nervous system was damaged beyond repair and although the pain factor has been removed, the nerves have never re-grown, leaving the Legend struggling to walk or stand up straight for any length of time.

For all the hardships that he has endured over the last 25 years however, the star remained positive and cheerful , welcoming all his many friends at the Country pub whenever they called, often playing host with Sarah to close wrestling buddies over dinner and convivial evenings of chat and laughter, plus  telephoning all his pals on an almost daily basis. 

Sadly, on Sunday 8th March 2020 the inevitable happened, Bill Bridges faced a bout he was unable to win, after years as a star and a champion he passed away with Sarah, his sister Esther and his niece Tina at his bedside.

Bill Bridges has left a legacy in wrestling that will never be equalled, a true gentlemen, a champion and an all round top man, he will never be forgotten and he will live on in all our memories through his family and the Reunion.  RIP Bill, you will be missed. 

Reunion Organiser pays tribute to Wayne Bridges 

(Bill Bridges and Ken Sowden at a recent Reunion)

Following on from the very sad news that wrestling legend Wayne Bridges had passed away, Ken Sowden, the British Wrestlers Reunion Organiser who has worked alongside Bill at the Reunion for the last eight years, has paid the following tribute:-

'I am deeply saddened to write this as a man I used to go and see regularly growing up and for the last 8 years a man who had become a friend is no longer with us.

I was shocked and heartbroken to receive the call to tell me that Wayne Bridges (or Bill) had passed away yesterday due to kidney failure. Always to me a champion in the ring, he held the World Heavyweight Championship on 3 occasions and always gave 100% in the ring, you never left a hall feeling short changed when Wayne Bridges had been on but this was one bout he was not able to conquer and he has now joined all those other greats in the Dressing Room in the Sky.

I will always remember a visit to the Fairfield Halls in Croydon in 2013, Wayne Bridges was part of a legends parade that afternoon and totally out of the blue I was called to ringside where Wayne presented me with a cup that he had won at the hall some years earlier, this was as a thank you for my early reunion work, he didnt have to do it but he did, that was Bill. Shortly after that Belinda had a stroke, Bill phoned every day for 2 weeks to see if there was anything that we needed, these may seem trivial things but they are things I remember.

Over the last few years Bill had always been very supportive of me with regard to the Reunion, we have had a few hiccups along the way caused by other people but the phone call from him to say I will sort that....and he did. No matter how down you were and fed up with things, it was always brighter when Bill had phoned, sorted the problem and told you an amusing anecdote.

Now Bill has gone, no more phone calls, no more stories about his trips around the World (I am sure Bill knew everyone in wrestling wherever they were in the World). Both Belinda and I send our condolences to Sarah and the rest of the family at this sad time.

Bill was a true legend, a real gentleman, a great champion and my friend and I will miss him....Rest in Peace Bill, you will never be forgotten'.

(Wayne Bridges presents Ken Sowden with one of his cups at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon in 2013)

Wayne Bridges passes away 

It is with the deepest sadness that we have to announce that the former Heavyweight Champion of the World : WAYNE BRIDGES has passed away peacefully.

 'Big Winnie' or Bill as he was affectionately known, achieved every success in life as a supreme athlete, swimming for England in the Olympics, representing his Country as British Amateur Wrestling Champion, then as a Professional wrestler, becoming three times Heavyweight Champion of the World, followed by appearances in many films including 'The Italian Job' with Michael Caine, 'Shalako' with Brigitte Bardot, and acting as Sean Connery's body double in the James Bond movies plus many more appearances, culminating in being Host of the British Wrestlers Reunion for over 25 years with his lovely wife and bodybuilding Champion :Sarah Bridges and travelling the Country as statistician at many bodybuilding contests.

Sarah, who was in the States working with Arnold Swarzenegger on the Arnie classics last week, got the call to return home urgently which she did spending Bill's last moments at his bedside. 

Bill also has a beloved little Sister Esther whom he adored plus his niece Tina Kerry- Anne who were fortunate enough to be at the bedside in time to share some precious last moments .

Away from the glamour, Bill remained modest, unassuming, self effacing, humourus, giving most of his time to young upcoming wrestlers plus always recognising and applauding the abilities of grapplers and other athletes known as carpenters in the Business,who had not been as fortunate as himself. 

His last wish was that the Wrestlers Reunion continues as normal and accordingly this year it will be on August the 9th at 'The Bridges' which will be dedicated to his memory. 

When the funeral arrangements are complete, we shall post details and Sarah has asked me to say that everyone is very welcome to attend and celebrate the life of this true Champion

Needless to say that Sarah is devastated at this time and we would respectfully ask that we respect her privacy during her initial grieving. 

Since the announcement of Bills death was announced we have been in-undated with tributes from wrestlers and fans from around the world, over 200 within a few hours just showing how loved and respected Bill was with everyone. 

Scott Conway returns to the UK

The British Wrestlers Reunion are delighted to welcome back to the UK Scott Conway who, for many years, has been living and working in Thailand. 

Prior to leaving for Thailand Scott literally did it all in the wrestling business and was one of the top promoters in the country at the time.

It didnt take Scott long to get back to business as within a few days of landing back in the UK he was at his first wrestling show and he is seen here with LDN Wrestling Promoter Sanjay Bagga at a show held on the 7th March in Borden. 

We look forward to seeing a lot more of Scott around the wrestling halls and wish him well with his future plans.

(Scott Conway seen here with Johnny Kidd on his last visit to the Reunion in 2012)

Joey Scarlo funeral details announced 

Following on from the sad news that we reported last month that Joey Scarlo had passed away we can now confirm that his funeral details are as follows:-

The service will be held on Friday 27th March 2020 at 12.30 at Eltham Crematorium, Crown Woods Way,London SE9 2AZ and all are welcome to attend to pay their final respects to Joey.

Everyone is also welcome to attend the wake following the funeral and if you could let Joeys daughter Tina Discipline Peacock know if you are attending so she has some idea on numbers for food etc.

Joey will be much missed and we are sure the wrestling fraternity will turn out in force to bid a fond farewell to him.

Paige undergoes surgery but is well on the mend 

(Paige with dad Ricky)

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to WWE star Paige, daughter of wrestling legend Ricky Knight, who was forced to undergo emergency surgery to remove an ovarian cyst on the 4th March.

The surgery was a complete success and Paige has made the following statement via her twitter feed.... I’m fine you guys! No more pain and healthy, just another small speed bump. I’m used to it. 

We hope that Paige makes a speedy recovery and is back with the WWE as soon as possible.

Frank Robb funeral details announced

Following on from the recent sad news that Frank Robb had passed away his funeral details have now been announced.

The service will be held on Thursday 12'th March 12pm at the crematorium at West Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 2JL. 

All are welcome to attend to pay their respects but family flowers only. Donations if desired can be made to Marie Curie Hospice where Frank passed peacefully on 27'th February aged 88. 

Following on from the service the wake will be held at Throckley Community Hall, Back Victoria Terrace, Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 9EL for refreshments and a look at some memorabilia from Franks wrestling days.

We are sure that many of the wrestling fraternity will wish to attend to pay their final respects to one of their own. 

Legends return to the ring in Gosport 

(Johnny Kidd, James Kenna, Bob Barratt and Lee Bamber)

Legends were out in force in Gosport on Saturday 29th February as a bout for the ages took place as Johnny Kidd once against faced Bob Barratt in a contest which was wrestled over rounds, included public warnings and even had seconds in the corner. 

Overseeing proceedings was the UKs number one MC/referee Lee Bamber who was thrilled to officiate this legends bout as well as being MC for the show. 

Also seen here is James Kenna who after a successful career in the business had his farewell bout (well for now anyway as wrestlers never actually retire do they ???). 

The show was sold out and everyone in attendance enjoyed a night of top class professional wrestling courtesy of SWF Wrestling.

An Evening in Conversation with Adrian Street hailed a huge success 

It was one of the most anticipated wrestling events to be held in years and it did not disappoint as An Evening in Conversation with Adrian Street which was held in London on Thursday 27th February has been hailed a huge success with wrestlers and fans travelling from all around the UK to listen to the stories from the man himself as he reminisced about his six decades in the wrestling industry which has taken him all around the World

The audience were in awe as Adrian relived memories from his early beginning in Wales to working for Joint Promotions to his times wrestling many of the greats in the USA and beyond alongside his other achievements from film to music to top selling author, no stone was left un-turned.  

This was a great night for not only Adrian Street and Miss Linda fans but also wrestling fans in general and if there was one complaint it was that they it did not last long enough as everyone wanted to hear much much more from this great legend.

The entire event was filmed and it is hoped that it will be available on dvd in the foreseeable future.

Looking back on the success of this event we are sure that Adrian can be persuaded to do another one so that even more fans can hear the legends stories and if this actually happens we will advise you all here.

(Adrian shows that he is still in great shape at 79 years of age)

Leather Lena pays tribute to Viv Martell at Ellesmere Port show 

Legendary wrestler Leather Lena made an emotional return to the ring on Friday 28th February as she paid tribute to her fellow professional and long time friend Viv Martell who passed away in January. 

The show promoted by EPW American Wrestling made tribute at their Ellesmere Port show and all those in attendance paid their final respects to one of the all time great female wrestlers. 

Gone but never forgotten, RIP Viv Martell

Frank Robb passes away 

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to report that 1960s welterweight star Frank Robb passed away on Thursday 27th February after illness. 

Frank's wrestling career spanned the best part of thirty years ending in the early 1980s. He worked mostly for Joint Promotions but also for independent promoters.

Frank has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and will be remembered at the Reunion in August.

The Reunion send our condolences to Franks family and friends at this sad time and may he now rest in peace. 

Paul Bristow MP attends LDN Wrestling show and gets more than he bargained for

(Paul Bristow MP addresses the crowd at the LDN Wrestling show)

A Tory MP has gone to extraordinary lengths to defend the reputation of his newly won constituency as he took on a pro wrestler who criticised Peterborough. 

Paul Bristow won the seat for the Conservatives at the 2019 general election and he took great exception to wrestler Joey Scott's trash talk about the area at a show promoted by LDN Wrestling.

As a result of Mr Scotts comments Paul stepped into the ring on Friday 21st February to take on the 'loud-mouthed bully' - but was swiftly beaten down and forced out of the squared circle.  However, Paul got his revenge as he returned to the ring later in the evening to interfere in Scott's match. 

Scott, who in 2019 was named Wrestler of the Year by the British Wrestlers Reunion, tried to hit Mr Bristow with a steel chair but the MP ducked and then helped the wrestler's rival, LDN Heavyweight Champion Alan Travis, to secure a pin fall victory as he administered the successful three count.

Even after revenge Mr Bristow has made it clear to LDN Commissioner Ken Sowden and Promoter Sanjay Bagga that he may not be finished with professional wrestling....could a bout be on the cards for this newly elected MP against Scott in either solo or tag team action.  LDN Wrestling have confirmed to us that they would be prepared to sanction a bout should Mr Bristow request one and time will tell if this will take place at a later date.

(Joey Scott and MP Paul Bristow)

Joey Scarlo passes away aged 86

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to receive news that Joey Scarlo passed away suddenly on Friday 14th February aged 86.

Joey Scarlo was the older of the Scarlo brothers and was trained at the John Harris' Symbic Wrestling Club in Dulwich before turning professional and working for the independent promoters including Paul Lincoln. After joining Joint Promotions Joey teamed up with his brother as a popular tag team.

Joey has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and will be missed by all those that knew him.

We send our condolences to Joeys family and friends at this very sad time.

Jack Holt receives recognition award after 50 years as wrestling trainer

On Saturday 8th February the Mayor and Consort of Bolton were invited to a surprise presentation event.

Many people will not know the name Jack Holt but he has been teaching wrestling for over 50 years in the community and the Mayor and Consort were very pleased to be invited to surprise him at “work” to present him with his certificate of appreciation.

Jack is seen here with the other dignitaries and we here at the British Wrestlers Reunion send our congratulations to Jack on this great achievement and all he has done over the last 50 years.

(Jack receives his award from the Mayor of Bolton)

The Reunion remember Rita Ruane on the anniversary of her passing

The British Wrestlers Reunion remember Giant Haystacks wife Rita who passed away one year on the 12th February 2019. We have only just been advised of Ritas death by her grand daughter and we are sorry we did not know about this earlier so that we could have paid our respects at the time of her passing.

Born in Southern Ireland in 1944, Rita moved to Manchester as a teenager and fell in love with Martin Ruane (the late Giant Haystacks). They soon married and remained devoted to each other bringing in to the world their children, Martin, Stephen and Noel.

Rita a devout Catholic attended Sunday Mass at the Servite Church in Salford when her health would allow. Rita loved music of all generations especially Big Tom, Culture Club and Irish Folk.

Rita battled with cancer over the years and through her devotion to prayers overcome these challenges against all odds. Although her mobility reduced greatly in recent years Rita was independent, sharp minded and strong willed, she never gave up and lived for her Children and Grandchildren who all adored her.

Rita was very charitable, supporting the Poor and those most in need she would give generously. Rita was always there to listen, help and advise, we will miss this most and those who were fortunate to experience her friendship,

Now at peace and reunited with Martin may they both rest in peace. God Bless them both.
(Rita with husband Giant Haystacks)

Tony Vallon passes away aged 91

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to receive news that 1950s star Tony Vallon passed away on the 6th February.

Tony's muscular physique made him a popular light heavyweight of the 1950s, not only in Britain but also on the continent, particularly in Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. His weight positioned him well to meet a wide range of opponents.

Although Tony was in high demand with promoters across the UK he chose to have the majority of his bouts in the North north although did make the occasional journey south which even included Royal Albert Hall bouts against Steve Logan and Billy Howes. 

Tonys funeral will be taking place on Monday, 24th February 2020 at Manchester Crematorium, Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 7GZ and all are welcome to attend to pay their respects.

Tony has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we of course send our condolences to his family and friends at this sad time.

Drew McDonald remembered on the 5th anniversary of his death

On Sunday 9th February the British Wrestlers Reunion remembered Drew McDonald who sadly passed away 5 years ago.

Drew McDonald won many UK top titles including Scottish Championship Wrestling's Scottish Heavyweight Championship, and All Star Wresting British Heavyweight Championship. He won the British title when he defeated Robbie Brookside in Croydon on 7 July 2005. Drew teamed up with many long time wrestlers, including Dave Finlay, Ulf Herman, and Robbie Brookside. Later McDonald would team with rookie stars like Thunder, and Raj Gosh. During a time when both Thunder and Gosh wrestled in Frontier Wrestling Alliance at the same time as McDonald the group banded together under the name "The Triad"

Drew died at the age of 59 on 9 February 2015 from cancer and is still much missed by all who knew him whether it be as a colleague or as a fan.

Drews legacy will live on and our thoughts today are with his long term partner Monika and the rest of the family as Drew now Rests in Peace.

The Reunion remember Johnny Yearsley on the 40th anniversary of his death

On Sunday 2nd February 2020 the British Wrestlers Reunion remember Johnny Yearsley who passed away 40 years ago.

Johnny turned Professional in 1953, having learned the basics at the ROFSA gym in Woolwich.

Johnny won several titles during his rampage across Europe including Southern area Heavyweight Champion, Kent all in Champion, and the Austrian heavyweight Championship in 1970. Trips took him to Africa, Middle East, Europe and many other Scandinavian Countries.

Johnny Yearsley will be remembered as not only one of the strongest men in the world, but as a master villain in his chosen career,

Johnnys charisma, elegance, quirky humour and boyish charm was second to none and he is still sadly missed to this day by all who knew and loved him.
(Johnny Yearsley in action against Tibor Szakacs)

Stu Allens career and Reunion Award featured in Hastings magazine

In 2019 the British Wrestlers Reunion were delighted to honour a man who has given 25 years of his life to the wrestling industry and quite rightly earned the right to be called a legend.

Stu Allen aka The Dominator was presented with one of our prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards just a few short weeks before he called time on his illustrious career.

Stus career and his award has now made it into print which is nothing more than he deserves for his years of service.

The Reunion would like to thank Tony Ham for the article and we of course hope that Stu, his lovely wife Tarnya and many of their wrestling students join us again at the Reunion where they will all be made most welcome.
(Stu Allen shares a joke with Flatliner at the 2019 Reunion)

Bret Hart diagnosed with skin cancer

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our very best wishes to Bret 'Hitman' Hart who has been diagnosed with a basal cell carcinoma, one of the most common forms of skin cancer.

Bret has stated that he will soon undergo surgery to have the carcinoma removed.

Over the years Bret has suffered number of health issues, including a stroke in 2002 after a motorbike accident, which left him with total left-sided paralysis. He was able to recover from this after months of physical therapy.

As many of you will remember, prior to becoming one of the top stars in the WWE Bret, alongside his brothers, had a stint for Joint Promotions with Bret appearing at the Royal Albert Hall in 1981 against Pat Roach.

We wish Bret a successful surgery and hope he is soon back to full health.
(Bret in action against Pat Roach)

Drew McIntyre wins Royal Rumble and is set to main event Wrestlemania

(Drew has won the Royal Rumble and is heading to Wrestlemanis)    (pic credit WWE)

Scottish wrestler Drew McIntyre has earned a match at WrestleMania after winning the WWE’s Royal Rumble on the 26th January.

The Ayrshire-born grappler outlasted 29 other men in the famous elimination match to earn a title shot at the company’s biggest event of the year.

McIntyre, Drew Galloway outside of the ring, eliminated some of the WWE’s biggest stars including current champion Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns

Originally from Prestwick, McIntyre worked his way up through various promotions in Scotland and the UK, including Glasgow’s Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW).

Drew joined the WWE in 2007, becoming chairman Vince McMahon’s ‘chosen one’ in 2009 and eventually the Intercontinental Champion.

Such was Drews  success back in ICW, and eventually with TNA, he was re-signed to the WWE in 2017 and soon became the then developmental brand NXT’s men’s champion.

He made the move back to Monday Night Raw in 2018 and was tag team champion with Dolph Ziggler.

The 34-year-old is the first Scot to win the Royal Rumble and will now headline the biggest wrestling event in the World, Wrestlemania, in April.

Drew has also been a great supporter of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion.  He was the very first wrestler to be inducted into their Hall of Fame and has sent a personal video message to the event for the last two years.

We congratulate Drew on his win and wish him the best of luck in his heavyweight title shot in April.

(Drew receives his Hall of Fame Certificate from Scottish Wrestlers Reunion organiser Dale Storm)

Andrew and Lillian Bryden celebrate 50 years of marriage

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send congratulations to Andrew and Lillian Bryden who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sunday 26th January 2020.

Andrew, better known in wrestling circles as Dale Storm, was an accomplished Scottish middleweight of the 1960s and 70s and whilst he did work for Joint Promotions he was more well known for wrestling on the independent circuit. Sadly an injury cut short Dales in ring career but he went on to become an accomplished Promoter and over the last three years has become spokesman of the successful Scottish Wrestlers Reunion and also is a senior member of their committee.

Lillian has had a long career with top high street store Marks and Spencer and was awarded a Long Service Award in 2019.  Lillian is also an instrumental part of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion, as well as serving as committee member she also supplies and prepares the buffet at the Reunion which is second to none,  infact it is the best buffeet at any Reunion by far.

We congratulate Andrew and Lillian on 50 years of marriage and hope that they have many more years of married bliss ahead of them.

Dicky Swales passes away aged 90

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to receive news from our friends at Wrestling Heritage that Dicky Swales passed away on Thursday 23rd January aged 90.

Dicky, seen here with Ski Hi Lee, was a respected wrestler of the 1950s and was always a popular figure at the Blackpool Reunion. A lovable rogue to the end Dicky will be much missed by all who knew him.

Dicky has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky  and we of course send our condolences to his family and friends at this sad time.
(Dicky celebrating his birthday at the Blackpool Reunion)

Mick Sullivan released from hospital

Great news reached us on Wednesday 22n January as after a lengthy illness and a long stay in hospital Mick Sullivan has finally been allowed home. Margaret, Micks wife seen here with the man himself, has advised of the following:-

'Good evening family and friends. Good news.... after all the weeks Micks been so very ill in hospital, I am really pleased to say he came home this evening (22nd January) He is still very weak and frail, but is now eating and making good progress. Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes and the numerous messages I've had, it is very much appreciated. Thank you everyone xxx'

Everyone here at the British Wrestlers Reunion are delighted with the news and hope that Mick makes a speedy recovery and is soon back to full heath.

Referee Bob Stafford at the age of 80 returns for one night only

(LDN Senior Referee Dave Walker thinks he has got the best of Bob Stafford but ........)
International referee Bob Stafford who at 80 years of age can still show todays referees a thing or two as LDN referee 'Dodgy' Dave Walker found out on the 20th January at a show held in Swanley.

Once Dave was sorted Bob ran to the ring (he really did) and counted the 123 to bring to a close the main event of the day.

As many of you will know Bob has been suffering from ill health for some time now and last year spent some time in hospital so it was nice to see him out and about enjoying what he does the most.and he certainly proved who was the better man on the day.
(Bob had the last laugh)

Reunion season will soon be upon us for 2020

As not only a new year but a new decade has well and truly begun Reunion season will soon be upon us once again, as ever Reunions will be held around the UK and we have been advised as to the following:-
The Blackpool Reunion will take place on Sunday 10th May 2020 and will be held at Stanley Road Working Mens Club, 4-6 Stanley Road, Blackpool, FY1 4QL.

This Reunion is now well established after being held for a number of years.  An increase of attendees year on year has ensured that this Reunion continues to grow and with the addition this year of a committee we have been told that they intend to be around for many years to come.

The British Wrestlers Reunion will take place on Sunday 9th August 2020 and will be held at The Bridges, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent, DA4 9AX.

Our friends at Wrestling Heritage have named our own Reunion 'the big one' and we are very proud that we are now in our 29th year.  Last year we cemented our place as Europes premier and biggest Reunion and with 100s in attendance we were told by many that it was the best Reunion in years.

As ever we strive each and every year to bring both wrestlers and fans the best Reunion possible and this year will be no different.  With a number of award winners already confirmed (and more to come) we look forward to welcoming many to the Wrestling social event of the year.

The Scottish Reunion will take place on Sunday 13th September 2020 and will be held at The Peter Boyle Bowling Club,Craigie Road ,Ayr, KA8 0SS.

This Reunion has been an instant succcess since its inception 3 years ago and last year saw over 100 attendees making it the second largest Reunion in the UK, a great achievement for a Reunion which has only been held for such a short period of time.  The Scottish Reunion committee have promised big things again this year and it is well worth a visit.

Reunions will only continue as long as they are supported so please do your best to attend at least one and reminisce about all that was good with British Wrestling.  Sadly with each passing year we lose more of the greats of the ring and no Reunion is going to go on forever so please utilise them whilst they are still here.

Al Saxon loses wife after long illness

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our sincere condolences to Al Saxon (Wally Grover) (seen here with Steve Grey) who beloved wife Jean Elizabeth has passed away aged 86 after 66 years of marriage.  Although she had been ill for some time it has still come as a complete shock to Al at her sad death.

Al contacted us on the 18th January to relay the sad news and is absolutely devastated at his wifes passing, as you would expect, but wanted the wrestling fraternity to know as he is too upset at the present time to tell his friends and colleagues in the business or indeed talk to anyone else.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Al and his family at this very sad time

Mick Sullivan finally on the road to recovery

At long last we have some positive news on Mick Sullivans health, the following has been received from his wife Margaret:-

'Mick is doing good at the moment, especially as 2 weeks ago the doctors didn't think he was going to make the next day!! He has proved them wrong again and is now well on the way to recovery. Eating, drinking and getting out of bed, even walking (with the aid of his walking frame) around the room. So pleased with him, but want to thank you all for your support and your prayers, it has certainly helped us both. THANK YOU. XXX 💕 💕 💕

We of course send Mick all our love and support and hope that this is the start of his road to recovery.

We will keep you all updated over the coming weeks as we hope his continued recovery carries on. 

Vivacious Viv Martell passes away

The British Wrestlers Reunion are saddened to receive news that Vivacious Viv Martell passed away in the early hours Saturday 4th January 2020.

Vivs good friend and former colleague Leather Lena visited Viv on Friday afternoon and shared some great stories about the good old days they had together.

Viv has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and we of course send our sincere condolences to her family and friends at this very sad time.

Eddie Hamill receives Irish Wrestling Award

On January 2nd 2020, Eddie Hamill aka The Amazing Kung Fu became the latest retired Irish wrestling star to be honoured In Recognition of Contribution to Irish Wrestling by The Wrestling Ireland

Eddie is pictured here as well with the Kung Fu Cup, which is the prize for the annual Kung Fu Invitational wrestling tournament named in Eddie's honour, which is now entering it's 3rd year, with previous winners of the knockout tournament being Bingo Ballance in 2018 & 'The Maori Warrior' NIWA in 2019. 

Highly-regarded, and well-liked by his peers, Eddie joins Wendy & Dave Finlay Snr, Billy Joe Beck, Dennis Millar aka Diamond Shondell, Ralph "Rocky" Hunter, and Johnny Howard aka Rasputin as a recipient of the award honouring those who gave their time & represented well the Irish wrestling scene of the 1960s, 70s & 80s.

Reunion to return for its 29th year in 2020

As the bell tolls to herald in a new year we look forward to the wrestling social event of the year. Sunday 9th August will see Europes oldest and largest Wrestlers Reunion take place for a remarkable 29th year at the home of the Reunion, The Bridges, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent.

The Reunion will be hosted as always by former 3 time World Heavyweight Champion Wayne Bridges and his wife Sarah, Wrestlers, officials and fans from around the World are cordially invited to join us for what promises to be another memorable day.

As well as presenting various Awards to the lucky 2020 recipients, we will remember those great grapplers who have gone to the Dressing Room in the Sky during the last 12 months.

We will also have memorabilia, merchandise, raffle and live entertainment throughout the day.. This is a free event and we at the Ring of Friendship invite everyone to join us to celebrate British wrestling.

Throughout the year right here we will be bringing you information on those special guests who will be joining us alongside all those greats from the ring who support us each and every year.

It may be early but when you put up your calendars or open you diaries to mark a new year make a note of the date, Sunday 9th August, we have lots planned so we are sure you wont want to miss out. We hope to see many of you there.

Andy Robin passes away aged 84

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to receive news that Scotlands Andy Robin has passed away.

The Commonwealth wrestling champion, best known as the adopted father of Hercules the Bear, died this week, aged 84.

His wife of almost 40 years, Maggie Robin, has paid tribute to the gentle giant she raised the 9ft grizzly with for 25 years..

Andy has been added to the Dressing Room in the Sky and a fitting obituary will be posted shortly.

Our condolences go to Andys family and friends at this very sad time and may he now Rest in Peace.

(Andy with wife Maggie and Hercules)

Messrs. Grey, Mason Kidd and Cooper meet up for lunch

On Wednesday 3rd December Johnny Kidd, Steve Grey, James Mason and Sid Cooper all met up in Bracknell, Berks where they had a very enjoyable lunch as well as discussing the good old days of British wrestling.

It is great to see all the boys looking fit and well and having a great time and even Sid behaved himself and didnt get one public warning, something of a record there we think :-)

The boys regularly meet up outside of the Reunions and it is nice to see that they remain in contact with each other after all these years.  Of course James and Johnny can still be seen competing up and down the UK for various promoters.

We would like to thank Johnny for sending us the photo.

Joe D'Orazio sets another record

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send huge congratulations to wrestling legend and our President Joe D'Orazio who has now become the oldest British wrestler in history.

Joe, who as we told you a few weeks ago, is already the oldest living wrestler in the World today broke the British record surpassing that of Gerry Hoggarth who himself only passed away in August of this year.

Joe has been informed of this achievement by his grandson and is delighted by the news.

Joe still takes a very keen interest in the Reunion and its ongoings and we look forward to celebrating more milestones for him in the coming years.

God Bless the Guvnor.

A good day had by all at the Essex Wrestlers Reunion

We would like to send our congratulations to the Essex Wrestlers Reunion which was held on Sunday 27th October for having a successful day.

The event organised by Neil Evans aka Tom Thumb is now in its third year and the numbers attending are steadily increasing year on year.

Some of those who visited this year were Smiler Fred Bentley, Steve Sadler, Richard Whymark , Paul Tyrrell, Richard Harrison, Phil Powers, Derek Sewell, John Chafer, Graham Tyrrell, Colin V. Bunting, Dave Freeman, Bob Collins, Ian Shadbolt, Paul Bentley, Ken Knight, Craig Whale, Del Williams, Paul Davis, Alvin Charles Piper , Phil Mark, and some of their families. Lyndsey Mason, the daughter of Crusher Mason also attended.

We are pleased the Reunion went well and wish them all the very best in future years.

Martin Gillott appointed President of Wrestlers Reunion Scotland

The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to send our warmest congratulations to Martin 'Glitterboy' Gillott who has been appointed Honorary President of the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland.

Martin has been an integral part of our Reunion for many years and this year was appointed a committee member of the Blackpool Wrestlers Reunion.

The Scottish Reunion has stated that Martin's close association with three of the now main Events on the Re-Union Movement Calender. must surely be a factor which should bring us all much closer together, hopefully ensuring we have a successful, UK wide movement for many, many years to come.

We wish Martin all the very best in his new roles and look forward to seeing him at the various Reunions in 2020.

Scottish Reunion hailed a success as they also receive an award from the BWR

(Ken Sowden presents a Ring of Friendshipo Award to Dale Storm of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on behalf of Joe D'Orazio)
The British Wrestlers Reunion would like to congratulate the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on a successful Reunion which was held in Ayr on Sunday 15th September.

Despite a last minute change of venue 80+ people attended including a special appearance by the legendary Colin Joynson who, like everyone else, received a warm welcome from the committee.

The British Wrestlers Reunion were delighted to present a Ring of Friendship Award to the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion on behalf of our President Joe D'Orazio who was honoured to receive an award from Scotland three years ago. The award was presented by Ken Sowden who himself received an award from the Scottish Reunion.

The committee of the Scottish Wrestlers Reunion have thanked everyone who attended and hope that all will return again next year for their next event.

(Ken Sowden received an award from Dale Storm at the Scottish Reunion)

The Mick McManus World of Wrestling video

On Tuesday 6th September 1988, 31 years ago a big bill of wrestling was recorded at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon which would become a top seller in the shops.

Lee Bamber was one of the two commentators for this landmark taping, the first commercially available UK wrestling video, alongside the legendary Mick McManus but all was not as it seemed and although the show was recorded over three decades ago tonight, Lee never actually saw it happen because he wasn't there!

Mick and Lee were due to record the commentary live at ringside that evening but in the days before the show Lee developed a bad throat infection and  couldn't speak, he couldn't eat, he could hardly swallow and was in a bad way but 'the show must go on', so feeling like a drained zombie Lee drove to Croydon in the late afternoon to show his face and do a few lead up/promo shots with Mick.

If you have the video you'll notice that Lee doesnt actually speak in vision at all during these because basically he couldn't !

Once the bits of filming in the box were done Lee immediately and gingerly drove straight back home to Sudbury Hill, Harrow and collapsed into bed.

So, although it was  intended to do the commentary live on the night, it was actually done about a month later in a studio near Shepherds Bush/Goldhawk Road looking at the footage on TV monitors.

Still done 'as live' and hopefully no one could tell, but whilst this show was rocking a packed Fairfield Hall 31 years ago  Lee was tucked up in bed feeling weak and drained.

The video which is still available at times on ebay showed us all what we were about to miss as of course wrestling on ITV ended in the December of that year.
(The Croydon bill 31 years ago)
(The publicity shot.....Lee Bamber and Mick McManus)

The Reunion welcome Eddie Kidd OBE to the 2019 event

(Eddie Kidd with the UKs top Elvis tribute act Scott Elvis and Frank Rimer)
The British Wrestlers Reunion were delighted to welcome the great Legendary stunt rider EDDIE KIDD O.B.E. to the Reunion on Sunday 11th August. 

Eddie is a tremendously brave man who once reigned supreme as Britain's top stunt rider. even jumping the great wall of China plus appearing in two James Bond movies etc.,  Eddie still raises thousands for charity despite being wheelchair bound partially paralysed and brain damaged since the terrible accident in the 90's.  One of his greatest achievements was when he walked the London Marathon in an amazing 51 days to raise £75000 for charity. 

The entire wrestling fraternity were delighted and honoured to meet Eddie and his dear Mother plus his incredible carer and to also present him with a Reunion Ring of Friendship Award.

We have been advertise that Eddie has a thoroughly enjoyable day at the Reunion and loved being part of our day and meeting many of the wrestlers and fans that were in attendance.
(Eddie Kidd with Ken Sowden and his great friend Barry Howard)

A thank you from the Reunion team.

With the 2019 Reunion being hailed a great success by everyone in attendance this year the following statement has been made by the man who, puts it all together, alongside a great team of helpers, Ken Sowden:-

A day on and I have returned from this years British Wrestlers Reunion, an event which has again excelled with everyone in attendance having a fantastic day reliving the glory days of British wrestling.

The plaudits this year both yesterday and today have been tremendous and with the largest crowd we have seen at The Bridges in a few years it proves once again that the Reunion has a good future ahead of it.

It was great to see so many of our friends there again this year as well as many of the great legends of wrestling, some for the first time and some returning after a few years absence. My personal congratulations to everyone who was presented with an award, each and every one was very well deserved so well done to you all.

Of course I am not alone when it comes to organising this great Reunion and I would like to say a big thank you to Wayne and Sarah Bridges for their hospitality, as always the most gracious of hosts. I would also like to thank the following who worked so hard on the day to ensure it was a success, Martin Gillott, Barry Howard, Stephen Cresswell, Colin Joynson, Johnny Kincaid, Scott Elvis, Ray Clark, Bob Stafford Donna Walker, David Walker, Belinda Jayne and a special thank you to Lee Canderton who proved why he is the top MC in the business today, he compared the Reunion with the greatest of professionalism and I have received nothing but positive reviews on his performance.

I was also delighted to finally turn the tables on my friend and mentor Frank Rimer by inducting him into the Hall of Fame,

I will shortly be adding over 200 photos of the day to the website at so feel free to check them out to see how we all had a great time.

Finally and most importantly a huge thank you to all the wrestlers, officials and fans who made the journey to be with us, the Reunion is nothing without all of you and I thank you for your continued support, we must be doing something right and we look forward to seeing you all again for the 29th year for the 2020 Reunion.

Billy Joe Beck receives Irish Award

(Billy Joe Beck with his esteemed award)
On the 19th July 2019 Billy Joe Beck became the 3rd recipient of The Wrestling Ireland's "In Recognition of Contribution to Irish Wrestling" award - joining Wendy & Dave Finlay Snr.

The award was presented by Wrestling Ireland host Nick Campbell and in addition the sum of £155 was also raised via a raffle at a live event as part of the Portaferry Gala Festival for Mr. Beck's charity organisation, the RAMS Therapy Centre (Race Against Multiple Sclerosis) which he has operated since 1987.

Billy Joe is still in possession of the Middleweight Title of Ireland, and at the presentation was a total gentleman, full of great stories and has kept many priceless momentos of his wrestling career.

With further names set to be honoured, The Wrestling Ireland would like to invite any old Irish pros or indeed anyone with any info on past Irish wrestlers to please feel encouraged to get in touch as they would love to try & organise something special like a reunion event on Irish soil.

The Reunion send our congratulations to Billy Joe on receiving the above accolade which is well deserved for his many years dedication to the wrestling industry.
(Billy Joe Beck and Nick Campbell)

Adrian and Linda Street pay visit to the WWE UK Performance Centre

(Adrian and Linda meet friends old and new at the WWE UK Performance Centre)
After more than six decades involved in the wrestling industry and known the World over Adrian Street and Miss Linda have more than earned the right to be called legends of the wrestling business.

As we have previously reported Adrian and Linda moved back to Wales last year and are now firmly settled back in their homeland.  Adrian of course had his final bout (well for now anyway) a few years ago but despite not actively stepping into the ring and opposing all comers he and Linda are still very much involved in the wrestling business around the World.

Last week Adrian and Linda were invited to attend the WWE UK Performance Centre based in Enfield to see the latest generation of wrestler undergoing rigourous training session.  Opened in January this year the center is 17,000 square feet and includes 2 rings and is being used to train potential future professional wrestlers from across the globe.

Ever eager to get involved Adrian, whilst visiting, took the opportunity to teach some of trainees some of the wrestling holds that he himself mastered over his successful career.  Speaking after his visit Adrian made the following statement:-

'I have been in and around pro wrestling for almost six and a half decades - I thought I had seen it all and then some. BUT - I was not prepared for the WWE training camp - their attention to detail, their choice of trainers, Steven Regal, Dave Taylor, Johnny Saint, and more is mind boggling. Their patience and dedication is remarkable. Then the trainees - Dedicated - hard working and determined to succeed - they will live their dream!!! - I am so excited to witness their rise to become the super wrestling stars of the new golden age of the WWE UK Pro Wrestling'

It is apparent that Adrian and Linda more than enjoyed their visit to Enfield and as well as seeing the new facilities it gave them the opportunity to meet up with old friends such as Johnny Saint, Steven/William Regal and Dave Taylor. 

We are sure that it will not be long before Adrian and Linda make a return visit and we wish all the trainees and the WWE the very best of luck with this venture.

Adrian & Linda Street meet Wayne and Sarah Bridges

(Adrian and Linda Street meet up with Wayne and Sarah Bridges)
There are those names in the professional wrestling industry that are known by wrestlers and fans the World over and at the Welsh Bodybuilding Show in Newport on Saturday 29th June two such legendary grapplers met up after not seeing each other for many years.

Wrestling Royalty, The Exotic One Adrian Street and Miss Linda met up with their great friends Wayne and Sarah Bridges to remember the great times passed when both Adrian and Wayne were topping the bill up and down the UK. 

Adrian as always was accompanied by Miss Linda who has been at his side in and out of the ring for decades and Wayne was joined by his wife Sarah who herself is one of the highest ranking officials in the bodybuilding industry today as well as running her own shows.

A great time was had by all and we are pleased to see that they are all looking so fit and well.  We are hoping that now Adrian and Linda are back in the UK we will be seeing more of them socially in the coming weeks and months.

Finlays receive top award from The Wrestling Ireland

(Dave Finlay Snr and Wendy Finlay receive their Awards from The Wrestling Ireland)
On Saturday 18th May 2019 in Banbridge, Co. Down, Irish wrestling's most famous family, The Finlay family, were honoured by The Wrestling Ireland in recognition of their contribution to Irish wrestling.

Former wrestler/promoter & patriarch of the family, Dave Finlay Senior & his daughter Wendy Finlay, one of the original female referees in wrestling in Ireland, were presented with commemorative plaques recognising their lasting legacy in Irish wrestling.

Thanks go to Irish wrestling's only active female referee Hayley Stewart, who presented Wendy with her commemorative plaque and flowers during the live event, as well as wrestler Young Lion who helped arrange the ceremony.  Also pictured below with Dave & Wendy are The Wrestling Ireland's assistant manager Nick Campbell, as well as Irish Wrestling Champion Cambo Cray.

Dave & Wendy are just lovely people, a great experience for all who got to speak to them & spend some time with them, and  the first two in what The Wrestling Ireland hope to make a regular recognising of those who have become icons of the Irish wrestling scene.

The British Wrestlers Reunion send our congratulations to Dave Snr and Wendy on their awards which are well and truly deserved for the many years of dedicated service they have shown to the wrestling industry.

The Reunion remember Mick McManus on the anniversary of his death

The British Wrestlers Reunion together with wrestlers and fans around the World remember the biggest legend of them all in Mick McManus who sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2013.

Mick is still fondly remembered by everyone and is still missed to this very day by us all, the man they loved to hate but in reality he was loved by millions.

A huge star, a great wrestler and a fantastic ambassador for the wrestling business,

Mick has left a legacy that will never be forgotten. Mick had and did it all.

Our thoughts are with Micks family today as they remember him.

Micks Hall of Fame entry and full length obituary can be read in the relevant sections right here on our website.

Mighty John Quinn passes away following stroke

The British Wrestlers Reunion are deeply saddened to hear news via All Star Wrestling that the Mighty John Quinn has passed away following a stroke.

John was a hugely popular star around the World even if he did receive the boos on more occasions that not.  John has some great rivalries in the UK with the likes of Big Daddy, Wayne Bridges and Tony St Clair and was known around the World where he won many championships.

John will be sadly missed by all who knew him and we of course send our condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time.

John will be added to the Dressing Room in the Sky on the Reunion website and his an obituary will be added in due course.

Zoltan Boscik sends best wishes as he celebrates his 80th birthday

Zoltan Boscik seen here with his wife Suzanne is celebrating his 80th birthday and sends his best wishes to all of his former colleagues and fans in the UK.

Zoltan was without any doubt one of the great lightweight wrestlers to step through the ropes, a master mat technician Zoltan very often opposed many of the great lightweights of the time from George Kidd, Johnny Saint, Jim Breaks and Steve Grey to name but a few. 

Zoltan had his first wrestling encounter in 1954 when he joined the amateur ranks where he had a modicum of success,  However, on arriving in England Zoltan focussed solely on becoming a professional wrestler and was soon competing on a regular basis up and down the UK.  Initially Zoltan was wrestling for independent promoters under the name of Zoltan Zimmerman but his ring skills were soon being noticed by the promoters at Joint Promotions and soon Zoltan had not only a change of employer but a change of name as well.

On the 25th May 1963 Zoltan was given his first taste of national exposure when he wrestled Cyanide Sid Cooper from Wembley in the annual F A Cup Final Day wrestling show.  Although Zoltan lost the bout by two falls to one it was a great learning curve for him and Zoltan went on to regularly appear on the itv wrestling shows up until it was removed from the television screens in 1988.

On the 18th June 1969 Zoltan was given the opportunity to wrestle for the British Lightweight Championship in a match held at Sheffield against the then Champion Jim Breaks.  As expected this was a hard fought contest with both men more than capable of winning the bout.  However, Zoltan was triumphant and won the title and belt.   Zoltan held the title for twelve months before losing it in June 1970 to Jon Cortez but regained it from Cortez a month later.   Zoltan would then hold the title until the 12th May 1971 when he was to lose it to Johnny Saint in a bout held again in Sheffield. This was to be the final time Zoltan was to hold this championship.

Today, despite suffering from alzheimers, Zoltan remains in very good spirits and is enjoying his retirement.

(We would like to thank Johnny Kidd for the photo, it is very much appreciated)
(Zoltan in action against Jim Breaks)

Bobby Bold Eagle contacts Reunion from his home in the USA

(Bobby Bold Eagle looking well in 2019)
The British Wrestlers Reunion were pleased to hear from American wrestler Bobby Bold Eagle who toured the UK in the 1980s.  He came to national attention on television, where he partnered Big Daddy to overcome Wild Angus and Bull Pratt.  Other television opponents were Pete Lapaque and Mark Rocco.

Bobby travelled the globe and wrestled for many of the top promotions the World had to offer taking on some of the biggest names in the industry during his illustrious career.

Bobby sends his best wishes to his former colleagues and fans throughout the UK and has told us that he thoroughly enjoyed his time here.

As you can see from the photo, Bobby is still in good shape and remains in good health.

Bobby has told us that he attends an event in the UK in August and would be honoured to attend the Reunion where he can meet up with everyone. We of course very much look forward to welcoming Bobby and honouring him accordingly.
(Bobby Bold Eagle as grapple fans will remember him)

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