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All discussion welcome for British Wrestling both past and present
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71399 over a year ago
Big Daddy v Kendo Nagasaki 1975
0314 2 months ago
Terry Rudge
0153 2 months ago
Fred Edwards
3219 5 months ago
Tony Mancelli,The Former Heavyweight Wrestler to Referee.
0175 5 months ago
Colin Joynson,The Great British Wrestler
4636 6 months ago
Frank Rimer
1273 7 months ago
Terry Christie,A Great Grapple Fan
0251 7 months ago
Roy & Tony St'Clair,The Saints
0262 7 months ago
Thanks to All!
1244 7 months ago
Who was better Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks?
51426 7 months ago
Mick McManus & Steve Logan,The South London Tough Guys.
0558 10 months ago
Jean Clarke,The Second to The late Chris Adams
0541 11 months ago
Happy 25th Birthday British Wrestlers Reunion.
1543 11 months ago
Tony(Headbanger)Walsh,The Great Wrestler.
0477 11 months ago
Al Saxon,The Wrestling Referee from Newbury,Berkshire.
1900 11 months ago
Jim McCombie AKA Rob Roy McGregor
0403 over a year ago
Roy Bull Davis,The Heavyweight Professional Wrestler.
0663 over a year ago
Skull Murphy
1554 over a year ago
Phil Johnson,The Grasshopper
4892 over a year ago
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