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All discussion welcome for British Wrestling both past and present
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71482 over a year ago
Big Daddy v Kendo Nagasaki 1975
1507 3 weeks ago
Terry Rudge
0277 4 months ago
Fred Edwards
3267 7 months ago
Tony Mancelli,The Former Heavyweight Wrestler to Referee.
0241 7 months ago
Colin Joynson,The Great British Wrestler
4751 8 months ago
Frank Rimer
1334 9 months ago
Terry Christie,A Great Grapple Fan
0303 9 months ago
Roy & Tony St'Clair,The Saints
0315 9 months ago
Thanks to All!
1281 9 months ago
Who was better Big Daddy or Giant Haystacks?
51485 9 months ago
Mick McManus & Steve Logan,The South London Tough Guys.
0607 over a year ago
Jean Clarke,The Second to The late Chris Adams
0628 over a year ago
Happy 25th Birthday British Wrestlers Reunion.
1615 over a year ago
Tony(Headbanger)Walsh,The Great Wrestler.
0546 over a year ago
Al Saxon,The Wrestling Referee from Newbury,Berkshire.
1948 over a year ago
Jim McCombie AKA Rob Roy McGregor
0452 over a year ago
Roy Bull Davis,The Heavyweight Professional Wrestler.
0720 over a year ago
Skull Murphy
1631 over a year ago
Phil Johnson,The Grasshopper
4979 over a year ago
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